Signs And Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer Everyone Should Know


1Be A HealthyBEARDworm!

As many people will know in December men across the globe are growing Beards to help raise money for bowel cancer via, so we thought it was a great time to let people know more about some of the signs and symptoms of the disease and be a…


Bowel cancer is a generalized term to cover any cancer that starts in the bowel. Depending where it starts however it can also be known as colorectal, colon or rectal cancer.

It is a cancer that affects both men and women and it is second only to lung cancer as the most deadly form of cancer. This is in spite of the fact that in the early stages of the disease it is also one of the most curable forms.

So knowing the signs and symptoms and getting diagnosis and treatment as early as possible really is important.

Read on to discover the most common signs and symptoms, and be prepared …



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