Signs And Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer Everyone Should Know


2Blood Or Change In Stools

Cancer isn’t the only reason for someone having blood in their stools, it could also be caused by piles or hemorrhoids either external or internal that bleed when waste is passed.

But if you have bleeding, it is always worth getting checked out as the problem is that there is not necessarily a definite distinction between the bloods whatever the cause, blood caused by cancer can be either dark or bright red and can (but not always) be mixed with mucus or have clots in it.

It can also make stools become very sticky and have a darker than normal appearance and they can sometimes take on a very thin (in diameter) or ribbon-like appearance. Not every stool will be like this though and it is very common to have normal movements in between.

The tests are fairly simple and will normally consist of a stool sample being taken and sent off for analysis and a colonoscopy. Both of which may seem a little embarrassing but are surely better than ignoring the signs.


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