8 Super Foods That Keep The Body Healthy – How Many Do You Eat?


Goji Berries

Goji Berries (Wolfberry)

These shriveled little red berries have been part of eastern diets for centuries despite only recently being introduced to the western society.

They are claimed to be the most nutrient packed fruit on the planet and it’s clear to see why, They are packed with vitamin C and iron, have more protein than any fruit, contain all essential amino-acids, are high in fiber and also contain many trace nutrients including calcium and zinc.

Goji Berry RightWith so much in them the health benefits of eating them could be numerous – You do need to be careful however as there could be some negative effects if taken alongside medication for blood pressure or diabetes.

The presence of theses risks as well as the often high price of these little berries means that although they could make a tasty addition to most diets they are not for everyone and should be eaten in moderation along with a range of other fruits and vegetables.



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