8 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Running Goals This Winter

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It doesn’t matter if you are planning your first run or training for a marathon, you could be 18 or 81, Man or Woman, tall/short, fat or thin or just an average Jo looking to stay healthy.

These top tips will help you stay motivated, safe and injury free every time you head out the front door and pound the pavement this winter.

Just remember it’s not all about the run, the preparation and the rest days are just as important.


Push UpsPush ups / Pull ups

Posture plays an important role when you run, it helps to keep your airways open so breathing control is easier, it helps you drive the power through your legs so you can keep going for longer and it helps prevent getting a stitch.

By doing a few repetitions of 10+ (what ever you can manage) push ups or pull ups a couple of times a week on rest days you will increase your strength and be able to maintain your posture easier and for longer.

Drink WaterWater

Hydration is important when running and most people will take a drink with them or have a drink as soon as they get back.

It is important to remember however, that training doesn’t stop 10 minutes after you walk in the front door.

Try and drink at least 2Liters of water a day on rest days (more when training) to help keep muscles supple and to replace water lost when training.

Bike RideCross Training

The high impact of running can take it’s toll on your body so some gentle exercise on rest days can be a good idea.

Take a walk, go for a ride, have a swim or try some Yoga or Pilates.

Any or these will help increase you’re all round fitness and strength which in turn will help with the running goals.

It will also help to stretch out stiff/sore muscles and help to prevent cramping or injury.

Get the right nutrients

The right food can help with inflammation and muscle repair so make sure you are eating well and don’t just rely on supplements.

With the right fuel your body will be raring to go and you will be able to get the most out of it on every run.

Foods including blueberries, salmon, olives and pineapple are packed with the nutrients you need so hit the shops and stock up that fridge in preparation of smashing your jogging goals.


Food For FuelThe right fuel

What you eat can make a big difference in how you perform during a run.

Most people will make the connection between carbohydrates and energy release but if you add some fiber to this as well you will be able to stretch out that energy even further.

Remember you don’t want to take on too much fuel right before a run but having some carbs and fiber 30-60 minutes before could help you go that bit further.

Warm up right

Stretching is all well and good but is important to get your muscles warm and your blood pumping.

By doing a dynamic warm up (movement with stretching included) instead of just stretches before you run you will reduce your risk of injury and fully prepare your body for the run to come.

Also remember a 10 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile, taking that first mile or two slowly will ease your body into it and warm you up fully.

Chia SeedsJump on the Chia train

These tiny little seeds can absorb up to 30x their weight in water and this in turn can help the body to regulate fluid levels and retain electrolytes and as any fitness enthusiast will know both of these things are essential in the battle to combat dehydration.

The gel like substance that is created when they are soaked in water slows the conversion of carbohydrates in to sugar so the carbs you eat are able to fuel your body for longer.

Running KitKit Up

The right kit is essential, it can help keep you safe, prevent injury and be the difference between having an enjoyable run where you are warm and comfortable regardless of the weather or one where you are cold, wet and in pain.

Running clothes are available in sports shops across the country at prices that will suit any budget.

A simple pair of running shorts/trousers, a breathable top and a lightweight jacket can make all the difference.

Shoes can be a bit trickier – If you are just starting out then you can pick up a pair in most sports shops for a reasonable price, but if you are in it for the long haul and putting in the miles I would recommend visiting a specialized running shop and spending that bit extra to make reaching your running goals a much more comfortable experience that you will enjoy over and over again.


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