10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Treatment


There are many preconceived notions set in by the orthodox thought process of a rigid mindset society on the issues relating to sex. More than the term itself, the requirement of receiving a treatment for issues relating to it are seen derogatory. Even when the intimate moments may be our most empowering ones, we fail to acknowledge them and fail to keep gaining energy from them. Thus, breaking a very essential flow of energy, letting a lot of energy go to waste.funny-sex

The following ten points are the essentials that must be known about sex treatment in order to be empowered about the significance of the basic fact of life :

  • 5Six treatment requires more of mental nakedness rather than physical nudity

The rigid mindset of the society has led anything relating to the word “sex” as a taboo. The hurdle to be overcome by modern-day sex therapists are the hardwired misconceptions pertaining to sex therapy or coaching. Most therapy seekers are fearful of the physically intimate situations being unorthodox while others are overly forward about the whole bare-it-all situation. In a nutshell, traditional sex therapy and coaching make more use of speech laying one emotionally and psychologically bare. One is not to be constrained in converting one’s inner thoughts into words.

Looking into a more ancient practice, the Tantric practice are for the ones who are ready to delve into greater vulnerability and nudity. The science preaches in the treatment of the genitals of either sexes as any other ordinary body part like back, neck, legs or hands which has become a store for stress and  requires relieving in order to heal.

  • There is no space for judgements and criticisms between a coach and a client

Sex coaches or therapists are required to leave the judgements and criticisms out the door the same way as the client is expected to leave all shame and hesitation. Through this both have room to learn valuable lessons. The word “taboo” is non-existent for a sex therapist. Realization of this simple truth allows for the free vocalization of the repressed memories, sexuals hangups and fantasies or issues of abuse. One must, without any shame, lay bare all the trauma and suffering in order to replace it with unconditional love and a sense of safety.