8 Reasons You Should Swap Your Coffee For Tea

Coffee And Tea

1We All Love Coffee!

Everyone loves their morning cup of Joe and some people even swear that they just can not function until they have had it.

So it may come as a shock to discover that may be if you swapped your cup of coffee for a nice cup of tea then you could reap some worthwhile benefits.

HealthyBookworm has compiled 8 reasons that could just make you change to tea!

Slim Down That Waistline!

Slim Waistline

One thing you need to understand with tea is that it comes in many many varieties, and different varieties have different properties and health benefits.

Green tea for example can help you lose weight by speeding up muscle cells whilst making fat cells smaller.

Not to mention speeding up your metabolism, green tea also has a lot less calories compared to coffee, especially if that coffee is made with creamer.



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