8 Reasons You Should Swap Your Coffee For Tea


2Take That Edge Off

Coffee as we all know gives you a rush of energy when consumed but if we drink to much it can leave us feeling on edge and agitated.

But tea has been proven to soothe and help us to keep calm especially if the tea has a blend of herbs such as lavender or chamomile so before work instead of grabbing that coffee, go for the tea instead and see what that does for your day.

Grab A Better Nights Sleep

Sleep Better

Coffee has a lot of good points but it does have its bad traits too and one of those is if you consume coffee too late in the evening or you just plain consume too much through the day it can have an effect on your sleeping pattern and may cause you problems in getting to sleep in the first place.

But there are types of tea on the other hand that have a lot less caffeine than coffee and you can also get tea that contains natural sleep aids such as valerian root to guide you to a deeper much more pleasant nights sleep.


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