Heart Attack – 10 Symptoms You NEED To Be Aware Of!

Heart Attack

1Know The Signs Of A Heart Attack

A Heart Attack can strike at any moment, and when they do, urgent medical attention is needed.

But what are the signs of a Heart Attack?

Would you know if you or someone else was having a heart attack?

Everyday heart attacks get overlooked, this is because the signs and symptoms can often be difficult to diagnose and often get overlooked.

The Hollywood images that spring to mind; of people clutching their chests and dropping to the ground more often than not isn’t what happens in real life.

In fact some of the symptoms don’t even occur in the chest and this makes it even more difficult to tell what is going on.

The truth is anyone can suffer a heart attack and the best advice is to get yourself checked if you are not sure, particularly people who suffer with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or if you are over 60 as these people have the greatest risk and obviously the more of these risk factors you have the higher risk you will be at.

Following are the 10 most common symptoms…



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