The Human Body – 9 Awesome Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


The human body is an amazing engineering feat, we as a species already know so much about our bodies but we know there is still a ton more of secrets that we just do not have the knowledge of right now.

For now, HealthyBookworm has compiled 9 of the most awesome facts right here, did you know about these amazing facts?

27 Miles Of New Blood Vessels Are Generated For Every Pound Of Fat Gained

When new fat is gained it places added stress on the heart, why you ask?, simply because new tissue needs blood supply so to facilitate this the vascular system expands.

Around 7 miles of new blood vessels are generated for every pound of fat so you can imagine the added stress this puts on your heart now that it has further to pump your oxygen rich blood.

If you lose a pound of fat then our bodies simply break down and re-absorb the excess blood vessel network.


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