YOGA – Your Own Greatness Affirmed During Pregnancy

Yoga Pregnancy

110 Benefits Of Practicing YOGA – Your Own Greatness Affirmed During Pregnancy

You may be feeling more like a beached whale than a downward facing dog, but there are a number of pregnancy yoga classes popping up all over the place and there are some serious benefits that you could reap for yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re rounder that an exercise ball, or feel like the only position you could be in on a gym mat is flat on your back, with a little looking you could find a local class full of women all in the same boat and who knows you may not just benefit from the YOGA but also make some new friends to have coffee with once your little bundle of joy arrives.

Pre-natal YOGA is safe for most women to participate in but if you have any doubts please consult a medical professional first.



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