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9Visit The Land Of Nod

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives so make sure you make time for good quality sleep.

SleepingIt is too easy to go to bed with your head buzzing with the days activities or even starting to plan for the next day, but going to bed restless could well mean that you are laying there wide awake when you should be asleep and when you do eventually drop off you are still unable to fully switch off meaning you have a fitful night and don’t wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Having a routine to help you relax and unwind can help prevent this but you need to make time for it to happen.

Fight the urge to watch the next episode of you favorite series on Netflix or to try and get ahead by just doing one more report.

They will all be there next time you come to them, instead have a bath, meditate a little or read a book, there are many things you can do but give your brain time to slow down and relax and you will be drifting off into a deep sleep in no time.


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